In-Floor Cleaning & Circulation Systems

Maintaining a clean, healthy, warm pool is easier and more affordable than ever with the X-tream Klean™ Systems.

Choose from 4 different cleaning systems.

  • Viking’s Circulation System: Includes two nearly-invisible pop-up circulation nozzles in the pool’s floor.
  • X-TREAM KLEAN™ System: Designed similar to the VCS system with the added benefits of a network of nozzles. This provides additional cleansing power for the entire bottom of the pool, forcing debris towards the active main drain for easy removal.
  • X-TREAM KLEAN™ Plus: Extra cleaning heads are also placed in steps and seats for a more complete pool cleaning.
  • X-TREAM KLEAN™ Deluxe: Cleaning heads are located on the floor, steps and seats. In addition, a debris canister is located next to the skimmer to catch large debris.